Can you hear me here?

“This isn’t much of a story, but hear you go.”


I’m turning up my hearing aids, but it’s not helping — because I can’t hear you here.

Hear is what you do with your ears. Here where you are (all the time).

So it probably goes without saying, but:

  • A hearing is a meeting where people talk, and other people listen — with their ears.
  • There is no such thing as a hereing (maybe you’re thinking of herring, but that’s a fish, with no visible ears),
  • nor a hering (unless you mean Ewald Hering, the German physiologist; but he studied eyes, not ears).

Also, kindly note: When someone on Facebook says something you agree with, do NOT reply “Here, here!” You’re not calling other readers to visit your location; this is not verbal GPS. The correct response is “Hear, hear!” You’re telling people to listen to what’s being said.

  • By the way, in the British Parliament, where this interjection was apparently born, it was originally “Hear him, hear him!” — and no (says, it didn’t change because they started electing female MPs: It was because men are lazy. They just got tired of all those syllables, apparently, and let the phrase degenerate into “Hear, hear!”
    • (It’s possible that, left to their own masculine sloth, they would have eventually dropped one of the hears also, grunting nothing more than a single Hear! when they agreed with something. But history intervened. For the past several decades, women have also been elected to Parliament. It seems likely that the guys are now much more eager to appear vigorous.)

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