Shoot, I dunno

“All that screenshotted direct message proves is that Smith-Schuster did, in fact, look up to Brown and did, in fact, treat him with respect.”

I am all for coining new words. Our language is a living organism, and we contribute to its health and growth by tossing new terms into the gene pool and seeing if they make it.

So I’m not criticizing the use of screenshotted here.

Yes, it’s a brand-new term. At least I’ve never seen it anywhere else. Ask the Internet gods and they mostly just shrug.

But if we’re going to let screenshotted into our everyday ordinary day-to-day lives, should it be governed by the everyday ordinary day-to-day rules of other adjectives?

I’m grasping here….

Screenshot is a (relatively newly coined) noun. So when you “take” a screenshot, and you talk about it later, do you say you screenshot? And if you screenshot something, and you refer to an image that you screenshot, would you say the image you screenshot was screenshot? Or screenshotted? Or (heaven forbid) screenshooted?

Somebody help me, please.

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