Vote for anyone else!

“Netanyahu fought the election in the face of looming indictments.”

Actually, Netanyahu was running for re-election as Israel’s Prime Minister, and very much wanted to win. So he didn’t fight it at all.

The word election is often misused these days — as if it were synonymous with campaign. They’re not the same. The campaign leads up to the election.

But even switching to “Netanyahu fought the campaign” wouldn’t be ideal, because of the way fought can be construed as opposed. Maybe better to say he “waged his election campaign.”

Imprecisely written news coverage doesn’t seem to have doomed him, however. He won the election. At this writing, the indictments are still looming. But since looming can mean either threatening or impending, we don’t know from this statement whether they’re a sure thing or not.

Between the fighting, the electing, and the looming, this sentence lands a puzzlement score of 30%: three words out of ten need repair or replacement.

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