Let’s Segway to the New World!

I’m all for language as a living, constantly evolving organism.

This is how languages are, like it or not. So you may as well enjoy it.

But sometimes, someone who doesn’t know better gets ahead of the game.

“That would be a good Segway into how he wasn’t prepared for how hot it was.”

Now, maybe this was autocorrect.

Or maybe it wasn’t.

But the conventional term would be segue.

We segue from this scene to that.

It’s often deployed in theatrical or musical directions: segue, from the Italian, for “follows.”

Not “Segway,” the “personal transporter” originally unveiled on Good Morning America in 2001, which has failed to transform our vehicular culture as originally envisioned, but which I nonetheless still want one of.

Bad English, I know. But I still want one. And my wife won’t buy me one.

If this blog could only be monetized, somehow!

Until some respected source, like Webster’s, anoints the new spelling, use the old spelling.

(Not sure about what’s “old” and what’s “new”? No worries. Segue on over to the Comments window and contact me.)

3 thoughts on “Let’s Segway to the New World!

  1. Even though language may be evolving, I do believe that some of us should try to slow down the process by standing up for the old ways!


  2. You got me! Can’t even blame autocorrect on this one, I’m afraid.

    I was wondering how long it would be before I got my very own post. 🙂

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