You want gruel with that?

  • “…a game that was played in front of less than 9,000 fans.”

In English, we distinguish between countable things and, uh, glop.

Well, glop isn’t the official term. Technically, it’s singular mass nouns.

For example:

  • The game is attended by fewer than 9,000 fans.
  • But you have less than 9,000 gallons of beer at the game.

Depending on your tastes, yeah, glop.

2 thoughts on “You want gruel with that?

  1. The misuse of fewer and less is one of those things that drives me crazy. Also “that” when it ought to be “who.”
    “The person that grew up in Gloucester . . . ” What ever happened to who? I think it’s fear of whom that did in who.

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