How much to Tijuana?

Immigration enforcers doing their thing, politicians cheering them on, reported by

  • Authorities haled the sweep at food processing plants in six cities as a record-setting operation.

These authorities probably actually hailed the sweep. Cheered for it, approved it enthusiastically.

There are four kinds of hale in our English-speaking world:

  • You can hale a cab — which is to yell at the driver.
  • You can be hale and hearty — healthy and robust.
  • You can live in a Hawaiian hale, a simple thatched-roof dwelling — although you pronounce it HAH-lee.
  • Or you can be Nathan Hale (1755–76) — and be hanged by the redcoats for spying.

Only one of these four is a verb. So if you hale the sweep at food processing plants, it’s like asking the sweep for a ride to Times Square. Not gonna happen. Unless, possibly, you’re Caucasian and documented.

3 thoughts on “How much to Tijuana?

      1. The exception proves the rule. Your posts are universally of high quality! Thank you for your efforts.


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