“Of cabbages and kings”

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  • A walrus attacked and sunk a Russian Navy landing boat…

The walrus sank the boat. (Recruit that pinniped, Marines!) Sunk is the participle.

  • I sink, I sank, I have sunk.
  • I drink, I drank, I have drunk.
  • I shrink, I shrank, I have shrunk.

These are the only words I can think of that work this way. It’s not:

  • It’s not: I think, I thank, I have thunk.
  • It’s not: I clink, I clank, I have clunk.
  • And it’s certainly not: I fink on you, I fank on you, I have funk on you.

Also avoid:

  • I kink the hose, I kank the hose, I have kunk the hose.
  • I link the clues, I lank the clues, I have lunk the clues.

And if you want to delight that attractive person at the bar, absolutely stay clear of I wink at you, I wank at you, I have wunk at you. They will never, ever go home with you. Trust me on this, you’re sunk.


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