Lucky strike

Will Brinson of writes:


  • 100 sacks over three seasons beget a 2015 shoulder injury….

Growing up in Sunday school the way I did, you learned your “begats”:

  • “And Enoch lived sixty and five years, and begat Methuselah…” (Genesis 5:21).

Here’s how this old-fashioned verb works:

  • You beget  today. (You bring something into existence.)
  • You begat or begot  yesterday.
  • (And you’ve begotten  in the past participle.)

So those sacks begot  an injury for Luck, and report on it begat  a post from me, all of which has begotten  this Lucky little teaching moment. Sort of like Sunday school, but with shoulder pads.


One thought on “Lucky strike

  1. Beget? That’s the only problem with this whole paragraph of confusion? This is where I would listen to Fess Parker when he said; “don’t over complicate simple things.”


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